• Accent: 2-6 lights
  • Moderate coverage: 10ft apart around perimeter of room
  • Full Coverage Color Wash: 5ft apart around perimeter of room


Illuminating Elegance with colorful event up lighting with LED Up Light will add the finishing touch to your special event!  Create a glow with a washed out look or add color to a simple event with up lights.  Add under table colored lighting to accentuate the cake, wedding party table, or guest tables with your company or wedding colors.  With a little color, you can shift any atmosphere from simple to spectacular!


  • How many lights do I need? That depends on the type of effect you desire.  Do you want to light the whole room or just a specific area? Are you looking to wash the entire room with color, or are you envisioning more of an accent effect? Consider the room size and architecture; large gym or a small, elegant ball room.  It is recommended to space each light approximately 6-12 feet apart. Each light is going to illuminate roughly a 3-4 foot area of wall (width). The more lights you use means the closer you can put them together and the more color, light, and brightness you’ll get.
Accent Lighting

Accent Coverage

The best option for adding color if you are on a tight budget.  Our accent coverage package includes up to 8 up lights for you to highlight specific areas such as behind the head table (2-6 up lights), under the cake table (1-2 up lights), around the dance floor (2-4 up lights), or in room corners (2-4 up lights).

Moderate Coverage

With moderate coverage up lighting, we can create a colorful and elegant ambiance to your event with beams of light.  You have the option of choosing two or more colors for a more interesting effect.  Lights are spaced 10 feet apart around perimeter of room.

Moderate Coverage
Maximum Coverage

Maximum Coverage

Maximum coverage up lighting will create that majestic “wow” effect that will have your guests talking.  This is the most popular lighting effect to create washes of color that can transform a dull room into a beautiful, majestic space.  Lights are spaced 5 feet apart around perimeter of room.


  • Customer Pick-Up/Return: By appointment only (S Academy Blvd & E Platte Ave)
  • Delivery Fee based on city/location
  • All rentals subject to sales tax
  • Weekly & monthly rates available


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